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Think - is this number reasonable?

Every so often, numbers get mentioned in the press, on radio or TV, or in conversation, and one wonders if the number is "reasonable".  The late Hans Rosling was very gifted at testing perceptions of numbers relating to health and education.
In England, those of retirement age (roughly those over 65, but this is changing) are entitled to a bus pass which grants free travel on local bus services across the country.  There are restrictions; the pass cannot be used on Monday to Friday before 9:30am to prevent the school and commuter buses being too crowded.  It can't be used on most long-distance services.  But, it is a great boon.  The pass carries an RFID circuit which registers with a sensor on the bus.  
Bus passes of this kind get lost, break or get too close to another RFID sensor which may eliminate the particular signature of the card.
So, someone has to issue replacement cards, and the office for Devon is here in Exeter.  In conversation, I learnt that the workload fo…

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