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Promoting operational research in Plymouth

Last Wednesday (November 8th) there was a STEM Careers Fair at the University of Plymouth.  The O.R. Society (ORS) had booked a stand, and appealed for volunteers to run it.  Juggling my diary, I decided to say "Yes" and Tina said that she would come too.  Then we discovered that we would be the only people on the stand.  The ORS sent us briefing notes, and had provided literature and publicity materials which we would find in Plymouth when we arrived to set up.  For the rest of it, we could manage without further forward planning.
First decision: how to get there?  The railway timetable was inconvenient; leave the house at 7:45 for the train, arrive in Plymouth with far too much time to spare, or leave at 9:00 and arrive with 10 minutes to set up.  Decision; don't go by rail.  Bus is a little better, except that the fast bus leaves from the edge of Exeter and we would have to drive and park to catch it.  Don't go by bus.  That leaves the car: but where to park?  For…

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